'I lived 100 days to the rhythm of my footsteps'

Although you are my mother in law, I just want to tell you how refreshing your book is. As I have mentioned, I find reading boring and normally fall to sleep. I have found Boots to Bliss an amazing recount of your pilgrimage. The more I read the more I want to read! Reading your book has renewed my faith in God and thru your words have found on so many occasions the feeling that I am actually there on your journey. Boots to Bliss has inspired me to consider when an opportunity presents itself to follow your journey and walk in your footsteps.

Well, Well, Well! What a Journey! What a book! it is such a privilege to read your story about your journey along the Saint James' Way........ you described in your book your journey so vividly that I could picture it so well in my mind and I did walk along side of you each step of the way.......you are a very unique and rare person, your inner strength, determination and self-belief is something to marvel at and admire. It is really a book written from the heart. What a legacy to leave behind for your family.....!

I loved your journey. Although I loved the areas you travelled through, your personal journey continues to win me over.........What a marvellous journey, you embarked upon... you have touched so many people... a truly amazing story!

I started reading Boots to Bliss on 26th December and finished on the 28th December. This is, I think, testament to how much I enjoyed it... It is a charming book. I loved the way the author interspersed the physical journey with her spiritual journey, the descriptions of the landscape, the historical details and the way she foreshadowed the difficulties to come. Claude Tranchant has combined these elements brilliantly. Boots to Bliss deserves a very wide readership... Congratulations on a really inspirational book.

I love your book, Claude. I am going through a pretty rough time at the moment and your book is just what I needed.

A wonderful moving story! I am a walker from england, with a love of the lake district. With my first visit to Australia last year and an up and coming one this easter to the most dearest of friends. These friends mailed me Claude's book for Christmas and I can't put it down. The admiration for this lady, I can't put into words.

You are an amazing woman...... reading your book, you are my hero!

A remarkable achievement on both fronts 'the pilgrimage' and 'the book'. I take inspiration from your will power and determination and look towards the new year with those lessons in mind.

I loved your book. I loved your story. reading your book, I walked with you. It is so well written. It is an inspirational book.

I received your book from a friend of mine as a gift. I could not put it down. I enjoyed it so much. I can see that you are a very deep and religious person. It shines through on every page of your book. Congratulations, your book is fantastic.

I enjoyed and was inspired by your account of the Camino. Congratulations on such wonderful experience.

I read you book 'Boots to Bliss'. In fact, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I read until 4.00am 2 nights in a row. Thanks for allowing me to walk The Way of Saint-James.